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2016 best of the best…according to The Grim Reader.

I’m sure you have all been hanging on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what novels would feature in my top 20 for 2016. It has been another bumper book year. My Goodreads challenge was met in September, and I anticipate cracking 200 books for this year (including novellas, anthologies and novels). So, here are my top 20 novels for 2016, in no particular order. Most of them are horror books, because that is what I enjoy reading the []

Book review: Unity – John Leahy

‘Unity’ by John Leahy is a very interesting novel, published by Necro Publications. The lead character is Jonah Gates, a man who after a broken upbringing becomes obsessed with viruses, leading to his eventual hiring by a government agency to create a super-virus. The problem is that Jonah has a few screws loose. He becomes infatuated with a local girl, who goes on to become a film star and will do anything in his power to bring them closer together. ‘Unity’ is []

Book Review: Motorman – Robert E. Dunn

‘Motorman’ by Robert E. Dunn was quite the success story for me. For a start, the Erik Wilson cover art had me sold. The small press have some of the very best cover artists working alongside them and I am never disappointed with Wilson’s work. The cover art for ‘Motorman’ is one of my favorites this year and it gives you a pretty good idea about the sort of book you are about to read. Before we get into the book let’s []

Book Review: Beneath Ash and Bone – D. Alexander Ward.

Necro Publications have put out some really great stuff in recent time and I am becoming a big fan of their books. The quality of content and some great looking cover art makes me a happy reader. “Beneath Ash and Bone” marks my first journey into the mind of D. Alexander Ward. I went into this not knowing a great deal about it but was looking forward to reading it after seeing some great reviews. It is a dark tale with a []