Album review: Call To The Void – Society’s Plague

  Fans of In Flames and Soilwork will do well to spend some listening time with Lexington’s Society’s Plague. Call To The Void is an album built upon the foundations of duelling guitars, throaty vocals, melody and catchy songs. Ashes For Air has a great chorus and is a strong opener. The melodic vocals are used sparingly in this up-tempo song but feature more prominently … Continue reading Album review: Call To The Void – Society’s Plague

Album review: Stormcaller – North Hammer

  Andrew Sutherland is certainly a talented chap. His project, North Hammer, sees him play all of the instruments on the album as well as write all the songs. I’ll be honest, when I come across a one-man project such as this, I approach with caution. I’ve found previously that albums as such can soon become monotonous largely due to a lack of input and … Continue reading Album review: Stormcaller – North Hammer

Album review: Evolve – Lillye

  Eclipse Records latest acquisition is Australian rockers Lillye. Evolve is a record I’ve been playing a lot recently. Fronted by powerhouse vocalist Virginia Lillye, Evolve hits the ground running with two superb songs in Run and In The End (no, not a Linkin Park cover). Both tracks boast HUGE choruses that will be stuck in your head for days, guaranteed. The production is sweet … Continue reading Album review: Evolve – Lillye

Album review: Bannerless – Axegressor

    With a name like Axegressor and an album cover depicting some sort of end of days sermon, I was expecting much from this thrashing Finnish four-piece. Axegressor plays a brand of old-school thrash metal and boasts a vocalist who sounds a little like the late, great Chuck Shuldiner from Death. However, this is where the Death comparisons end as Axegressor motor through 11 tracks … Continue reading Album review: Bannerless – Axegressor

Album review: IX Sins – Dormanth

    There’s nothing quite like a bit of melodic Spanish death metal to cleanse the soul. Dormanth hail from the city of Bilbao, Spain. I love metal that breaks new ground, but I’m also a fan of metal that treads familiar turf. Dormanth fall into the latter category. Vocalist/guitarist Oscar del Val certainly has that old-school throaty bellow that I like and the guitars … Continue reading Album review: IX Sins – Dormanth

Album review: Lightbringer – Black Royal

  There is a satisfyingly meaty sound to Black Royal that erupts from the speakers on the very first song, the aptly titled Cryo-Volcanic. Cryo-Volcanic is a strong opener full of lead-filled riffs, a nice thick bass, thumping drum patterns and bellowed vocals. Lightbringer is off to a great start. The second track, Self-Worship, has a little more swagger to the music, particularly through the opening riff. … Continue reading Album review: Lightbringer – Black Royal

Genocidal Majesty – Gnaw Their Tongues

  As the name perhaps suggests, Genocidal Majesty is a punishing and brutally chaotic release from Gnaw Their Tongues and it is an album I am never likely to forget. Opening with the apocalyptic-sounding Death Leaves the World, we are awakened by a series of tortured shrieks and industrial synths. This is the soundtrack to the end of days right here. The production is bloody raw and … Continue reading Genocidal Majesty – Gnaw Their Tongues

Album review: The Untamed Wilderness – Aetherian

I’ve been following this Greek melodeath act ever since I stumbled upon them on Bandcamp. Their single, The Rain, highlights everything I love about the melodic death metal genre. Bands like Insomnium, Omnium Gatherum, In Flames and Soilwork are some of my favourites, and, well, You can now add Aetherian to that list. Aetherian boast a stellar bassist/vocalist in Pano Leakos. This guy growls with the … Continue reading Album review: The Untamed Wilderness – Aetherian

Album review: Psychotic Symphony – Sons of Apollo

Sons of Apollo has been getting some great press. Their debut album, Psychotic Symphony, carries the weight of expectation well and I’m pleased to report that after numerous plays, this album is a grower.  There are going to be obvious comparisons to D***m Th****r, and some of the longer tracks definitely have a whiff, but this is far from being a DT clone. The musicians … Continue reading Album review: Psychotic Symphony – Sons of Apollo