Magazine review: Unnerving Magazine #5

    Unnerving issue #5 gets off to an immense start with Glug Glug by Aaron J. Householder and the sinister Red Room by Christa Carmen. Whilst only short, Householder’s tale is a fun, throwback style horror story that put a huge smile on my face and one that I felt was a little reminiscent of Stephen King. Christa Carmen’s Red Room is a different beast … Continue reading Magazine review: Unnerving Magazine #5

Book review: Hardened Hearts – Anthology

  Love and horror are two concepts that often walk hand-in-hand. My favourite stories to read in the horror genre are those that break my fragile little heart whilst at the same time creeping me out. Hardened Hearts holds a nice balance of stories. Some of these tales tug hard at the heartstrings, whilst others leave a dark smirk of satisfaction on your face. Then there … Continue reading Book review: Hardened Hearts – Anthology

Magazine review: Unnerving Magazine #4

I’ve been really looking forward to this bumper issue of Unnerving Magazine. October is always a special time of year for horror fans, for obvious reasons, and what better way to spend the dark nights than with a copy of this excellent magazine. What I really enjoy about this issue is that the stories are short, sharp and heaps of fun, some pack a real … Continue reading Magazine review: Unnerving Magazine #4