BTB Storytellers episode 6: J. R. Park talks UPON WAKING

Well, for starters I think Mr Park wins an award for the best author pic so far! This week, and the following two, we will be spending some storytelling time with the three gentlemen from the Sinister Horror Company. Justin Park is up first, talking about his extreme horror story ‘Upon Waking’. Mr Park is on a sort of upward curve with the extremity of his writing, it seems. It all started with ‘Terror Byte’, a techno-horror thriller that showed glimpses of where []

BTB Storytellers episode 5: Chris Kelso talks UNGER HOUSE RADICALS

Hi there, and welcome back to another guest piece for Storytellers. Last week we had Betty Rocksteady talk ‘Arachnophile’ and a special midweek post by Rich Hawkins about ‘The Last Outpost’. This week the focus is on Chris Kelso and his excellent book ‘Unger House Radicals’ which came out earlier this year by the wonderful Crowded Quarantine Publications. Kelso’s work is often difficult to categorize. ‘Unger House Radicals’ is horror, but not as we know it. In true Kelso fashion, the book twists []

Book review: Bloodwalker – L.X. Cain

‘Bloodwalker’ is my first read by L.X. Cain. You may think from the title that the book is about vampires, but that would be incorrect. ‘Bloodwalker’ is the story of Rurik  (former circus strong man and security chief), and young Sylvie who is a Skomori. The Skomori are sort of carers of the dead and Sylvie is on her way to an arranged marriage, though against her wishes. She becomes involved in the plot arc when she discovers a body, leading to []

Book review: 89 – Stuart Keane

‘89’ by Stuart Keane is a tense psychological horror novella that ticks all of the boxes for this reader. I am already familiar with Keane’s work having read and loved ‘Cine’ – a dark tale about a cinema in a small town where the punters are often stars of the show. One thing that ‘Cine’ showed me is that Stuart Keane is an exciting writer within the horror genre. It also showed that he has a wicked imagination and isn’t afraid to []

Book review: King Carrion – Rich Hawkins

‘King Carrion’ sees Rich Hawkins team up with the Sinister Horror Company for a short novella of vampiric horror straight out of the top drawer. After a brief glimpse into the past, we join Mason; a recovering alcoholic, seeking to piece his life back together after a drink driving incident and time served in prison. He returns home a broken man, penniless, friendless, hoping to hook up with his lost love Ellie. Things are not what they once were and after spending []