Music interview questions



Hey there! Welcome. If you’re a band looking for a little publicity then you came to the right place. Below you will find a series of questions. Simply copy and paste them into a word document, answer them (obviously), include any bios, band photos, links to your work and email them back to me at

I will put it together in a blog post and promote it on my site. This will be on a first come first serve basis with a new one posted every week or two (depending on how busy I am).

Important: I listen to metal. All kinds: thrash, death, melodeath, hard rock, industrial, etc, etc. If you’re a pop duo or a singer with a Katy Perry vibe then this is not the place for you to get noticed. Thanks for stopping by and DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Rock on!





TGR: Thanks for stopping by, please introduce yourselves?


TGR: Can you tell us a little about the history of the band? Where did it all begin? How did you come together?


TGR: Who or what do you cite as being influential to your sound? Do your influences extend beyond into film, prose, art, something else perhaps?


TGR: How would you describe the band sound? Who do you think your music will appeal to?


TGR: How does the songwriting process work? Do you write the music and lyrics collaboratively?


TGR: Is there any overarching theme with your music and if so where does this originate from?


TGR: Tell us about your instruments. Are you loyal to any particular brand? If so, why?


TGR: How difficult is it to be heard? Social media is great for finding new talent, but there is also a lot of crap out there. How do you connect with listeners?


TGR: Can you tell us about some of the highs and lows of your career so far?


TGR: What does your back catalogue look like? What is your most recent release and how can we hear it?