I set up this site for me. My Kindle is literally bursting with books I have purchased. Last count I have over 100 unread. I also have a stack of paperbacks to get through as well. If you wish to contact me for a review of your book or a book published by you then that is fine. Please do not pester me for the review. I am a father of two and I work full-time as a school teacher. If I accept the book then I will discuss with you the time frame in which the book will be read. Along with posting my review here I will copy it to Amazon Australia, Amazon U.S., Amazon U.K. and Goodreads.

I won’t be accepting Pdf’s or Word Doc’s. The reason is they don’t work well on my Kindle Fire. Yes, I have Calibre to convert them, but this takes time and still I’ve found it doesn’t always work. In the past I have converted books and had to deal with blank pages, odd spacing between letters and large spacing between paragraphs, which results in a messy reading experience and spoils my enjoyment of the book.