Book review: Love For Slaughter – Sara Tantlinger

  I like my poetry like I like my steak….bloody. Sara Tantlinger’s Love For Slaughter certainly isn’t for the prude, nor is it for those who are put off by a little gore and guts in their verse. I had a really hard time putting this collection down and its clever mixture of shorter and longer poems really struck a chord with me. There is … Continue reading Book review: Love For Slaughter – Sara Tantlinger

Album review: Sonder – Tesseract

  I feel as though the metal world has been truly blessed with some excellent albums already this year: Alters of Grief, Rivers of Nihil, Primordial all have released strong records. Recently we had the new album from A Perfect Circle – some 13 years in the making and an album I was very excited about hearing. Sadly, I’m not impressed with it at all. … Continue reading Album review: Sonder – Tesseract

Guest post: Robert E. Dunn talks genre writing

  Robert E. Dunn stops by today with a post called What’s My Genre? I’m always open to guest posts, especially from Robert as he continues to be a huge supporter of my blog and other blogs throughout the book world. His latest release, Dead Man’s Badge has been praised by the legendary Joe Lansdale, calling it “lean and smart and very good”. I’ll drop a … Continue reading Guest post: Robert E. Dunn talks genre writing

Book review: Stirring the Sheets – Chad Lutzke

  Stirring the Sheets is my first time reading Chad Lutzke’s work and I must say I really enjoyed this sombre, thoughtful novella published by Bloodshot Books. Stirring the Sheets is a grief-filled story about Emmett, a funeral home worker, and his struggles to cope with the loss of his wife of 50 years. Grief can do terrible things to people, it can pull you … Continue reading Book review: Stirring the Sheets – Chad Lutzke

Book review: Corpsepaint – David Peak

  Regulars here will be familiar with my affinity towards metal, and it’s the blackest of metal on most occasions is what I can be found listening to. Yes, that abrasive, caustic stuff where singers shriek, garggle and howl into the microphone, guitars cut and scythe and drums blast you into a state of perpetual unconsciousness. Admittedly, it isn’t for everyone and so might be … Continue reading Book review: Corpsepaint – David Peak

Tom Adams chats with the Grim Reader

  This week, Tom Adams joins me for a chat about writing, dark fiction and metal! Tom talks in-depth about his influences and his own work. I love it when people take the time to answer my questions with such thought, so thanks to Tom for that! Hope you dig.   TGR: Tom, thanks for stopping by. Where does your love of reading come from … Continue reading Tom Adams chats with the Grim Reader

Magazine review: Black Static #62

  Issue #62 of Black Static is once again chock full of deep, thoughtful dark fiction. This is fiction that will squirm inside of you, leaving a dark stain on your memory and things get off to a bleak dystopian beginning with Sanguinary Scar by E. Catherine Tobler. This is a pretty grim tale where a future New York-one submerged under water-is the centrepiece for some dark goings-on as … Continue reading Magazine review: Black Static #62

Book review: Unbury Carol – Josh Malerman

  Just like Vegemite, Unbury Carol is dividing opinion. Some think it’s the best thing Malerman has written and some think it’s drivel. It’s time for the Grim Reader’s verdict. Saddle up,  dear reader, as we travel back to the old west. Yee-haw!   Sadly, for me, Unbury Carol was a disappointing book. On the surface, it’s a kind of fractured fairy tale in which poor … Continue reading Book review: Unbury Carol – Josh Malerman

Book review: Cats Like Cream – Renee Miller

    Cats Like Cream is a punchy novelette featuring a real estate worker who is also a voyeuristic serial killer (aren’t they all?!). I’m not usually a fan of serial killer fiction but this tale is superb. We follow the dark path trodden by Elwin. Elwin is a vile, vile creature, a twisted, sadistic man who hides behind the curtain of his day job … Continue reading Book review: Cats Like Cream – Renee Miller