Month: February 2017

Album review: Threatpoint – R.I.P

Hailing from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Threatpoint’s album R.I.P kicks you straight in the guts from the opening song, the punishing title track R.I.P. Vocally, Chris James has got a voice similar to Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch and the bands sound also has that groove metal vibe to it, similar to their Las Vegas peers. The best way to describe Threatpoint is no-nonsense metal. The drums gallop along at a frantic pace whilst the guitars are crushingly heavy. The vocals are []

Book review: This Book Ain’t Nuttin to F**k With: Wu-Tang tribute anthology

This has to be one of the best concepts for an anthology I have come across in some time. It is unique in that the Wu-Tang clan as a unit have created this whole martial arts mythology that surrounds them and their output…but, how does a book about the Clan represent?! Well, largely this anthology is impressive. The stories are all quite short, some are great, some are good and I’ll be honest in saying there isn’t one particular story I didn’t []

Interview with Thomas S. Flowers

Thomas S. Flowers is a writer who resides in Houston, Texas. His work primarily lurks within the darker regions of fiction. A lover of both film and fiction, Thomas has a very busy blog over at His latest fiction release is ‘Conceiving’, the third book in a series of finely crafted dark fiction tales that follow a group of friends brought together by the trauma of war, finding themselves drawn towards a mysterious house in Jotham, Texas where malevolent forces stir… []

Book review: Black Static #56

‘Black Static’ is a magazine that has been on my reading radar for some time. Time doesn’t always allow for one to read everything one wants unfortunately and it wasn’t until this current issue (#56) that The Grim Reader managed to peruse and enjoy its contents. Suffice to say, ‘Black Static’ is indeed a high-quality publication, particularly from a fiction point-of-view. Let’s get a little negative out-of-the-way first and foremost. I wasn’t keen on the opening two non-fiction pieces. I quite enjoyed []

Book review: The Autumn War – Ani Fox

‘The Autumn War’ by Ani Fox is a little bit like James Bond meets Jonathan Maberry’s Joe Ledger. It’s high-octane stuff with a protagonist that is quick-witted but even quicker on the trigger. The body count is high and head shots are a regular occurrence. There is a lot to like about this debut novel from Ani Fox. The pacing is frantic, there are some cool characters and a lot of ideas at play. There are factions within factions, these covert syndicates []

The Grim Reader chats with S.T. Cartledge about ‘The Orphanarium’ and Bizarro fiction

S.T. Cartledge is a writer of poetry and Bizarro/weird fiction currently sweating in Western Australia (it’s summer over here, and it is damn hot). His book ‘House Hunter’ was one of the NBAS (New Bizarro Author Series) books in 2012. Soon Mr Cartledge will have a new book published through Eraserhead Press called ‘The Orphanarium’. Check out the cover art below, it’s a doozy!! Anyway, I thought it high time I caught up with the man to have a chat about writing, []

New video from post punk band ‘WEAK 13’

“WEAK13 release new music video for “Obey The Slave” British underground post punk band WEAK13 have released a new music video for their song “Obey The Slave” from their 2016 album They Live. The music video was filmed in a real English magistrates court and revolves around a theme of law and order. The song raises questions about authority and activism with thought provoking lyrics and proudly shouts “Don’t start a revolution. Have a revelation and share. Wake up”. Check out the []