Month: December 2016

Book review: The Night Marchers – Daniel Braum

I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect from this collection of short fiction from Daniel Braun. I’d enjoyed his story ‘An American Ghost in Z├╝rich’, which featured in the Grey Matter Press anthology, ‘Savage Beasts’, so I went in to this collection with high expectations. I’ve heard this collection described as ‘strange’, and I’d been inclined to agree. Braum’s collection flirts with horror and weird fiction for sure, but there is something else going on here that almost makes the stories []

Book reviews – Werewolf double header! Toneye Eyenot – Blood Moon Big Top & Dominic Stabile – Full Moon in the West

  Two short reviews for a couple of Werewolf novellas I read recently. I love a bit of shapeshifting blood and guts and both of these novella length pieces delivered exactly what is needed to make a very cool Werewolf tale. Check them out! Blood Moon Big Top – Toneye Eyenot Toneye isn’t afraid to go for the juggler (see what I did there!) with Blood Moon Big Top, a book that has his trademark brutality stomped all over it. Young and []

Album review: Hardwired…To Self-Destruct – Metallica

I’ve pondered this review for a few days now. This is the first Metallica album I didn’t rush out to buy on the day of release! Let me start by saying that I love Metallica. I’ve been a fan ever since I purchased ‘Master of Puppets’ on cassette many years ago and have bought every album they’ve put out before that metal masterpiece and since. Ever since the infamous ‘Black album’, Metallica have had a few ups and downs. I loved ‘Load’…yep, []

Book review: SNAFU: Black Ops

The SNAFU series from Cohesion Press has been churning out military infused horror fiction for some time now. With ‘SNAFU: Black ops’ the publishers have enlisted the services of some cool cats like Jonathan Maberry and Nicholas Sansbury Smith, both of whom should be well-known to you if you read a lot of this sort of stuff. Maberry kicks things off with a long piece featuring his wise-cracking, ass-kicking super stud Joe Ledger in a cool post-apocalyptic tale. It’s trademark Maberry and []

Book review: Year’s Best Hardcore Horror – Anthology

Comet Press’ anthology of hardcore horror features some of today’s brightest (or should that be darkest?) stars currently operating within the genre. I have read a great deal of work by many of the authors featured here and although there are a few gems, sadly there are some duds too. The title is a little misleading in that quite a few of the stories weren’t in fact very hardcore at all. That’s not to say they weren’t good stories, but the suggestion []

Book review: The Nightly Disease – Max Booth III

‘The Nightly Disease’ is a book Mr Booth has been working on for some time. If you follow his amusing ramblings on social media then you will be well aware that Max is a night auditor at a hotel. Servicing his guests with a smile and always being sure that they are spending the night in comfort, overwhelmed with the scent of freshly washed towels, Max decided to write a surreal book about some the exploits of Isaac – a young chap []

Guest post: Mark Allan Gunnells talks

Mark Allan Gunnells has been pretty busy this year on the writing front. His co-authored book with Aaron Dries, ‘Where the Dead go to Die’ is featured in my years best of 2016. It is an astonishing book that turns a familiar horror trope upside down, pulls out its intestines and devours them. It is also another fine release by Crystal Lake Publishing. Today, Mark agreed to stop by and talk about his other recent release through Cemetery Dance, ‘Curtain Call and []