As a father of two young children I’m always looking for new books to read to them at night. ‘I Want To Be A Monster When I Grow Up’ is perfect bedtime reading for this horror fan. Written and illustrated by M. T. Webber, this book provides an easy and engaging reading experience for both young and old audiences. The easiest way for me to review a book such as this is to read it to my 6 year old and ask him what he thinks…so I did. He loved it and wanted to know all about the monsters in the story (oh how I nearly wept with joy). I live in hope that my own kids will develop a love of horror much in the same way that I did. Weber’s book is the perfect introduction to the genre for those little monsters.

The book encourages children to brush their teeth , eat their vegetables and share with siblings, so important messages are told through picture and rhyme.

As a big horror fan I loved this book. It is short and sweet and definitely something I will be reading to my kids on a regular basis.

Pick up a copy from here.

Written by The Grim Reader

Welcome, I am the Grim Reader. A lover of the written word, a lover of cricket and heavy metal. Here you will find book reviews for both independent publishers and traditional publishers. I also review metal albums and conduct interviews with artists and writers. Thanks for stopping by. I do hope you enjoy your stay. Peace.

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