Book review: Prehistoric Beasts and Where To Fight Them – Hugo Navikov


I do like the cover for this one. Severed Press always deliver with their cover art, and I think this one is terrific. ‘PBAWTFT’ is a tale about revenge. A deep sea expedition down to the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean turns deadly when a renowned director (Jake Bentneus) is attacked by a prehistoric beast more deadly and bigger than the famed Megalodon. Enter the Gigadon! Bentneus is left broken and crippled, kept alive by machines so he sets up a reward for the capture of the head of the Gigadon.

In a odd kind of way this book is a little bit like Hannibal by Thomas Harris where Bentneus is the disfigured character that seeks revenge on his tormentor (the beast Gigadon) and we follow the lengths that he will go to see the creature slain. Thats sort of where the comparison ends but there you go…

Navikov’s book is hugely entertaining, doesn’t take itself too seriously and is easy reading  and it is clear that he did a certain amount of research into deep sea exploration. There are a few characters involved from disgraced seamen to crazy captains and despite the courtroom drama that unfolds (a little unnecessarily, imo) just shy of halfway through the book the pacing is good. You will certainly have to suspend your disbelief on a couple of occasions as things get a bit silly but really it just adds to the books charm.

Things build nicely towards the obvious confrontation with the Gigadon and a North Korean submarine but few are a match for the beast from the deep! Sometimes it’s good to escape reality in favour of something a bit bonkers and thats what happened when I read ‘Prehistoric Beasts and Where To Fight Them’. Huge fun.

Pick up a copy from here.

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