Isaac Thorne is a new writer to me. He has a number of short stories available online. Writing in the horror genre, Thorne adds a little dark comedy to his stories. Now, I sometimes have a bit of a problem with comedy and horror. If there are too many attempts at humor, it can often lead to the story becoming a bit of a slog, after all, we all have different opinions about what is funny and what isn’t. One example would be that some people think Adam Sandler is funny…see what I mean?! Thankfully, Thorne manages to keep it dark enough to let the story take center stage.

Diggum is quite amusing, yet has enough of a story to keep you reading. Told in the first person, Diggum tells of his trials as a graveyard caretaker. Tales that involve the burying of bodies (obviously), but also the murders of other visitors by Diggum due to him being angry at God for taking away his family. The story is told in a very casual manner, and it works well. Diggum is clearly nuts, as he continues to hack up workers and visitors with a kind of reckless abandon. But, things soon take a strange turn. When burning the bodies, Diggum begins to notice that certain body parts refuse to be scorched!

I like short stories like this. They’re a great way to pass a half hour, or provide a welcome break from a lengthy novel. Diggum is well-written, amusing, and free from any grammatical errors (which is always nice to see). If a short story of satirical horror is your bag, then give Isaac Thorne a go. Just don’t go paying your respects at the local cemetery with him any time soon.

Pick up a copy of ‘Diggum’ from here.

Written by The Grim Reader

Welcome, I am the Grim Reader. A lover of the written word, a lover of cricket and heavy metal. Here you will find book reviews for both independent publishers and traditional publishers. I also review metal albums and conduct interviews with artists and writers. Thanks for stopping by. I do hope you enjoy your stay. Peace.

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