Month: September 2016

Book review: King Carrion – Rich Hawkins

‘King Carrion’ sees Rich Hawkins team up with the Sinister Horror Company for a short novella of vampiric horror straight out of the top drawer. After a brief glimpse into the past, we join Mason; a recovering alcoholic, seeking to piece his life back together after a drink driving incident and time served in prison. He returns home a broken man, penniless, friendless, hoping to hook up with his lost love Ellie. Things are not what they once were and after spending []

Book review: The Rib from which I Remake the World – Ed Kurtz

‘The Rib from which I Remake the World’ is a book that has been on my radar ever since I saw the cover art. It is a mix up of noir and horror that works very, very well, thanks in part to Kurtz’ smooth, easy writing style and some great characters and settings. Despite the obvious influence of Bradbury’s classic tale ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ and perhaps even King’s ‘The Stand’, Kurtz has produced and excellent book, one that I believe []

Book review: The Night Cyclist – Stephen Graham Jones

Any well-read horror fan should already be well aware of the talents of Stephen Graham Jones. He’s a writer that effortlessly turns out great story after great story and ‘ The Night Cyclist’ is another fine example of the man’s talent. A original short story, ‘ The Night Cyclist’ is a short tale of supernatural horror. A chef cycling on his way home comes into contact with another rider, one who seems to have an unnatural ability on his bike as []

BtB Storytellers ‘Bleak Week’ special with Rich Hawkins

You may be aware that I am currently running a feature every Sunday here at the blog that allows writers to tell the story behind the story. So far there has been great pieces by Andrew David Barker, Stephen Kozeniewski, Alan Baxter and more recently Betty Rocksteady. With the ‘Bleak Week’ running all through the 26-30 September, I thought It would be rude not to invite Rich Hawkins to the party. Rich wrote about my novel of 2015 ‘The Last Outpost’ – []

Book review: Detritus in Love – Mercedes M. Yardley & John Boden

I am fan of both of these writers works. They both have a unique take on fiction, reveling in that kind of dreamy prose that allows for a great reading experience. The two writers that are quite similar, yet also quite different, join forces for this short novella ‘Detritus in Love’. When authors co-write stories, I often approach with caution. The results can be either spectacular or as if the two authors didn’t have any correspondence whatsoever. Thankfully, ‘Detritus in Love’ reads []

Book review: Scavengers – Rich Hawkins

The second review this ‘Bleak Week with Rich Hawkins’ comes from another self-published title in the form of ‘Scavengers’. This time a husband wife and daughter, along with two friends take a trip to the countryside for some fun and fine wine. On the discovery of an abandoned car, our foursome come face-to-face with a tribe of little horrors and a daring fight for survival ensues. I liked this one a great deal. It’s a little longer than ‘Deathcrawl’ and is the []