Month: August 2016

Cover art spotlight: George Cotronis

Cover art – it can make or break a book. It can be the difference in a book selling 30 copies or 300 copies or 3000 copies! As a reader, I have actually purchased books on the cover art alone. It is imperative that the book looks good. If your cover is half-arsed then perhaps the writing is too? that’s my take on it when I see poor book art. Now I know, generally speaking that writers don’t have endless amounts of []

Book review: Milk-Blood – Mark Matthews

How about this for one of the most disturbing book covers you have seen?! And let me tell you that the content is equally as harrowing. I love the horror genre and all of its sub-genres. Urban horror is a particular favorite of mine; it’s horror that exists in the real world, a horror that we see on a regular basis through TV, online and sometimes on the same street. ‘Milk-Blood’ is a very personal journey for Mark Matthews, as the author []

BTB Storytellers is coming soon…

I love the 90s, and one of the reasons for this is the great music that was around.  VH1 Storytellers is a show produced in the United States by the VH1 network and features some of today’s finest musical talent in an intimate setting where the artists perform some of their songs live, but more importantly they tell the story behind the song. So far artists such as David Bowie, Billy Joel, R.E.M, Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West and Jay-Z have all []

Book review: Aimee Bancroft and The Singularity Storm – Daniel Marc Chant

What happens when Daniel Marc Chant leaves horror behind (temporarily, of course), and ventures into the cosmic void that is science-fiction! Well, if you like your science-fiction pulpy, filled with underwater cities and aquafolk (new word there, people!), then I am pleased to report that Mr Chant has come up trumps with this novella that gave me everything I expected and more. The cover is wonderful and Chant releases his inner Doug McClure with a tale of high adventure set in another []

Book review: The Cat Came Back – Matthew Cash

My next horror read after the excellent Grey Matter Press anthology ‘Peel Back the Skin’ was always going to be a tough act to follow. ‘The Cat Came Back’ is a completely different beast to what I read previously in that it is quite humorous. It does have some gruesome scenes but ultimately it left me feeling slightly underwhelmed. ‘The Cat Came Back’ isn’t a bad story by any stretch. I love horror and I have a very dry sense of humor, []

Book review: Marked – Stuart Park

It isn’t very often that a book (particularly a novella) leaves me gazumped with what to say about it, but Stuart Park has done that here with ‘Marked’ – his debut offering through the Sinister Horror Company. ‘Marked’ is certainly a dark read. It follows a couple who lose their daughter whilst at the beach one day. Their journey sees them deal with the loss in very different ways. Mark (the father) seems to keep himself occupied with his work and his []