Month: April 2016

Book Review: Beneath Ash and Bone – D. Alexander Ward.

Necro Publications have put out some really great stuff in recent time and I am becoming a big fan of their books. The quality of content and some great looking cover art makes me a happy reader. “Beneath Ash and Bone” marks my first journey into the mind of D. Alexander Ward. I went into this not knowing a great deal about it but was looking forward to reading it after seeing some great reviews. It is a dark tale with a []

Book Review: Alter – Philip Fracassi

“Alter” is my first read from Philip Fracassi. It is a wonderful slice of dark, cosmic horror. The terrific cover art is actually a little deceiving, but helps give the novelette more of an impact. I am a big fan of Lovecraftian influenced cosmic dread and “Alter” is a fine, fine example of the sort of quality work that is out there. I love how Fracassi turns a family trip to the swimming pool into something bleak and terrifying. The story is []

Book Review: Hunter Shea – I Kill In Peace.

After the disappointment of my last read I was looking to get back on track and Hunter Shea’s ‘I Kill In Peace’ was just the sort of quick fire book I was looking for. I have enjoyed a number of Shea’s other works such as ‘They Rise’, ‘The Dover Demon’ and ‘Island of the Forbidden’. He has that classic American horror voice that provides good scares, solid characterisation and great storytelling. I had heard a few things about this novella, mostly about []

Book Review: The Dark Age – Dallas Mullican

Dallas Mullican arrived in 2015 with his debut novel ‘A Coin for Charon’ – a dark police procedural tale that introduced the world to Marlowe Gentry. This area of fiction is very crowded, so it’s important that if you are going to write in that genre you are able to deliver the goods. Joe Nesbo, Ian Rankin, Henning Mankell are all authors whose books grace my shelves. Some of my favourite novels of the past ten years have come from these writers-particularly []

Book Review: Granville – Alice J. Black & David Owain Hughes

‘Granville’ by Alice J. Black and David Owain Hughes is the first book I have read by either of these two authors. Alice J. Black has recently popped up in a couple of anthologies and debuted with her YA novel ‘The Doors’ in 2014. David Owain Hughes likes to write a more visceral, bloody and gory style of horror (which I love!) He has been very busy of late with appearances in various anthologies as well as releasing his own works such []

Book Review: Dreaming at the Top of my Lungs – Israel Finn

I took a bit of a punt on this collection of short stories from Israel Finn. I liked the title and had heard a couple of people say some nice things about it via Goodreads. Collections are one of my favourite things to read, in fact, I prefer a good collection of stories over a novel, but that’s just me. I am pretty sure that this is Finn’s first published collection, and if so, it is impressive to say the least, not []

Book Review: Crawling Darkness – Adam Cesare & Cameron Pierce

I live very near a small lake. The lake harbours a number of small to medium sized fish. But that’s not all…the lake is also home to some bloody huge eels. I often go down there to feed the ducks some bread with my kids. The eels like bread too! who knew? There is something about eels gives me the creeps. I don’t know what exactly it is…maybe it’s their slimy texture or deceptively big mouths….who knows. I don’t like them. So, along []