Black Goat Motorcycle Club by Jason Murphy (Book Review)

I wrote this guest review for the excellent Splatterpunk Magazine run by Jack Bantry. It’s my favourite book of 2016, so far. Read my review then go snag yourself a copy.


Black Goat Motorcycle Club by Jason Murphy (Sinister Grin Press)

I first came across Jason Murphy through the Sinister Grin Press anthology FRESH MEAT. This anthology of terror from seven different writers was a particular highlight from last year’s reading. His story HOMONCULUS was gruesome reading and highly original. It was my favourite story from the anthology and I was looking forward to reading more from Mr Murphy. As it turns out I haven’t had to wait too long. BLACK GOAT MOTORCYCLE CLUB is going to be featured in my top ten reads at the end of the year! I absolutely loved this book. It is quite a big book, but I had no problems at all in devouring the pages. In fact I started and finished it in the same day, and let me tell you it has been some time since I did this! The pacing of this…

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