I had never read anything by Amy Grech prior to receiving this collection of stories. I did a little digging first and found that she fluttered between noir and horror (two of my favourites) and had had numerous short stories in various publications such as Apex Magazine, Beaten to a Pulp: Hardboiled and the Dead Harvest anthology.

I expected a collection of short stories but I was wrong. The first tale: ‘Rage and Redemption in Alphabet City’ is a dark and seedy tale about sex and murder and is probably as long as a novella, but broken up into six parts. Just when I thought I knew where this one was going and ‘Boom’, it wasn’t what I thought. Great stuff!

‘.38 Special’ was a very noir style story about Russian roulette. It is short and punchy and just what this reader was looking for after the previous tale.

‘Cold Comfort’ and particularly ‘Prevention’ (another favourite) were great. the latter was a darkly humorous tale of a sibling rivalry which was a little unexpected but very entertaining. ‘Hoi Polloi Cannoli’ was perhaps my least favourite of the collection, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad story. It was a sort of dystopian-horror that looked at the class divide between people, and although it didn’t have zombies in it, I kept on thinking about George A. Romero’s movie from a few years back ‘Land of the Dead’ where the divide between the classes was the main focus of the story. The stories that came before it were great and this one was solid also. It’s great to see a writer not afraid to experiment with other ideas and it was a nice way to finish the collection with something different from the stories that came before.

Overall I really enjoyed this collection. The stories are all well-written, with interesting characters and are often humorous, dark an sexy!

I will definitely be checking out any future works from Amy Grech. Recommended reading 🙂

You can pick up a copy of this collection in paperback or EBook from here.



Written by The Grim Reader

Welcome, I am the Grim Reader. A lover of the written word, a lover of cricket and heavy metal. Here you will find book reviews for both independent publishers and traditional publishers. I also review metal albums and conduct interviews with artists and writers. Thanks for stopping by. I do hope you enjoy your stay. Peace.

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