Movie: The Revenant.



Well, I finally got around to seeing this movie last night. Caught the late showing and didn’t get home till 12.30am but it’s all good. Most folk are getting excited about Deadpool at the moment, which to be honest, doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I really am done with the Marvel Movies and I couldn’t care less if it’s R rated. Anyway, The Revenant was a beautifully shot movie with stunning photography and excellent performances from Leo and Tom Hardy. The soundtrack was perfect and although the film ran close to three hours, I really didn’t feel like it dragged on at all. The pacing was excellent. I came out feeling excited about going to the movies again. Something that hadn’t happened for some time. The plot was very straightforward. At the end of the day it’s a tale of revenge, but the whole package of sound, the visuals and the performances elevated this movie into a classic for me. The much talked about bear scene was incredibly tense and I though the CGI was excellent.

It’s both a brutal and brilliant movie. I really can’t find any fault with it at all. My highest recommendation.


Well, after a couple of average reads (one of which was a DNF!!!!) I am hoping to get back on track with this anthology from Cohesion Press called Blurring the Line. Just looking at some of the authors involved with this project gives me some wood. From what I understand this anthology features short stories (obviously!) and non-fiction essays! lets see how we get on..

Adventures with Thomas Ligotti!

What is this? Two blogs in one day!!!

I have heard the name Thomas Ligotti mentioned many times. He is a writer whom I know of but have never read anything by. I asked a friend where to start and he kindly pointed me in the direction of Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe. I have already blown the book budget for February so I visited my local library and picked up a paperback copy.


I avoided the Foreword by Jeff Vandermeer in my eagerness to get stuck in. And to be honest I often find forewords to be a little self-indulgent and boring.  My preconceptions as to the Ligotti style were well wide of the mark. I had envisioned the first story to be difficult to read by using a disjointed style, depressing, nihilistic and with no real flow. I was right with it being nihilistic. It is dark, moody, hopeless, atmospheric but wonderfully written. Ligotti has a wonderful way with how he uses figurative language. Something I feel many modern horror writers do not do nearly enough in this respect and instead go for shock value. The first story: The Frolic is simple in it’s execution, but it is the mood which Ligotti creates that is the real power behind this piece. I could run a highlighter through several lines that really helped to create the depressing, dour atmosphere that envelopes the story. For me, personally, this was an impressive and welcome start to the collection.

I cannot see myself blasting through this book, as I do with so many others. Going off of the first story alone I intend on enjoying this collection piece by piece, perhaps only one or two stories a day. We will see. When all is said, I’m glad I have finally got around to sampling this authors work. A long and gloomy road lies ahead..

I’m back. Review for SNAFU: Hunters

A few of my digital friends have followed me on here, so I guess I should give them something to read, yes?!

I think I will start off with a little review of a anthology that I recently finished.

Cohesion Press do military horror! In case you are wondering what on earth that is, well if you think about Predator, Aliens and Doom-movies and games of that ilk then that’s a pretty good idea of what military horror is (to me anyway)



The SNAFU series of anthologies has been very consistent when it comes to quality. It all started with SNAFU: An Anthology of Military Horror in 2014. This volume featured Jonathan Maberry, Westen Ochse, Greig Beck and James A. Moore! (I know, pretty damn impressive!) It was a terrific read and instantly put Cohesion Press on my radar. I picked up the following accompanying anthology SNAFU: Heroes. I finished that and was again impressed. SNAFU: Wolves at the Door was next and then last year SNAFU: Survival of the Fittest came along and briefly outsold Stephen King in digital sales over in the U.S.

SNAFU: Hunters is the latest release from Cohesion Press and let me tell you it is a belting read! Most of the stories follow a similar formula; as the title suggests our teams are on the hunt, often in search of some form of monster! It is a formula that over 13 stories should get tedious…but it doesn’t. Editor Geoff Brown loves this sort of stuff (as do I) and the stories he has selected are absolute top, top draw. I really had something positive to say about every one included in the collection but I will just briefly highlight a few of my favourites here.

APex Predator kicked things off in some style with a team of genetically modified warriors are given the task of taking down a predecessor who has gone rogue. Action, action, action, blood and guts put a huge smile on my face and left me wanting more. Speaking of more-James A Moore’s That Old Black Magic was another highlight. The character Jonathan Crowley is a demon-like soldier who helps out a team of grunts in tracking and taking down another demon entity. It is also the longest story in the collection, but one of the best too. Warm Bodies by Kirsten Cross sees a team training exercise get very real as a new breed of vampire called a Taint attacks a group of soldiers. It’s fun, fast and gruesome, breathing new life into the tired old vampire. Towards the end of the book there are three back-to-back stories that I really enjoyed. The Secret War, Outbreak and Droch-Fhola aren’t hugely original, but are excellent stories in their own right before Patrick Freivald closed things out with a short story from his Matt Rowley novels in Bonked. I felt like I was reading a comic book to be honest with this one but there was enough gore and action to keep me engaged till the end.

This series, for me is getting stronger and stronger. The only problem I see for Cohesion Press in the near future is how they are going to top this!

SNAFU: Future Warfare drops at the end of April, so I wont need to wait long to find out!

Highly recommended